Plans & Pricing

Aidey’s partnership programs allow all partners to share and leverage Aidey’s brand. Both Channel Partners and Brand Partners will receive strong support and plenty of leads consistently.

They will also be supported by clear data management for ease of planning. The partners can also collaborate with nationwide and international suppliers professionally and effective. The sophisticated and comprehensive management system enables large, complex renovation projects to be managed effectively. Last but not least, the partners are entitled to profit-sharing post IPO.

  • Free Member

    Perfect for beginning individual to create 3d home design.
    Free Plan
    • 3D cloud home design tool
  • Member

    Every month
    Perfect for individual who draw 3D interior design
    Valid for 12 months
    • 2 day special class
    • All 4d drawing uploaded to Aidey will get reward of E-COIN
    • E-COIN can be use for purchase and rendering in our system
    • Every month have lucky draw and reward for member
    • Every 6 month would have grant prize for top user

    Brand Partnership

    Every month
    Perfect for company looks for collaboration
    Valid for 12 months
    • 3D Cloud Drawing System
    • CRM System
    • 1 Year Ads Fee
    • 2000 E-Point & Voucher
  • Channel Partnership

    Every month
    Perfect for company looks for a profit-sharing model
    Valid for 12 months
    • 3D Cloud Drawing System
    • CRM System
    • Profit Schemes
    • Trainings
    • Share Investment
    • Travel Incentive

Notes: All paid plans with a minimum of 12 months retained period and subject to auto renewal, until your cancellation.

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