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Co-Founder Team




Strategic Advisor 

  • Aidey投资人/战略顾问,

  • 马来西亚浙江商会总会长,

  • 中泰(马)股份有限公司董事长

  • 中圣能源国际有限公司执行董事

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Johan Wang.png

联合创始人 / 家装+供应链顾问

Co-founder & Supply Chain Advisor


He has accumulated 10 years of cornerstone experience in the housing renovation industry.


As a driver of the internet as well as home improvement industry, Johan proactively serves as the senior advisor in building material suppliers and operations. He is also the senior advisor in marketing, planning and operation for home improvement industry.

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黄健南 ▪︎ KENT WONG

Kent Wong.png


Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

  • Aidey创始人

  • Aidey东盟创始人

  • 12 年建筑装修设计服务商

  • 曾任科技上市公司环球商务董事

  • 中国高端石材装饰上市公司海外合伙人

  • 战略布局+资源整合操盘手

He has accumulated 12 years of invaluable experience in the construction, renovation and desgn industry. As one of the shareholders in Global Technology Company, he is also having partnership with a China’s high-end stone decoration listed company. He is primarily involved in the planning and structuring of business model and resource integration.

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James Khor.png


Co-founder & Fulfilment Advisor


His 11 years of experience in refurbishment “From Old to New” has allowed him to create a model of “Start from ZERO funds to own estates more than tens of millions of RM”. He is also the One Stop Solution provider in construction, design and furniture.

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TJ Ng.png

联合创始人/ 设计顾问

Co Founder & Design Advisor


  • Aidey联合创始人

  • 资深专业室內设计师

  • 30年专业室内设计经验

  • PROFOUND AXIS 创办人兼执行总裁

  • 设计经验专注于商业建筑如办公楼, 商场,连锁店,医院,咖啡馆等等

As the senior professional interior designer, he has 30 years of professional interior design experience. He has vast design experience in commercial buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, chain stores, hospitals, cafes and more.

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Advisor Team


Carmen Cheong.png

Material Consultant


She has 16 years of interior design and furniture industry experience. She was also the founder of Sunberry, a design company with 10 years of excellent brand. She is dubbed the Malaysia Furniture Queen. In 2016, Carmen received CYEA Malaysia Green Business Creativity Award. In 2013, she won the HWT 21 Actual Success Brand Elite Award.

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iko in.png

Marketing Consultant


iN Publishers 创办人,由于他独具一格的企业风格,加上他许多很In的概念,因而荣获2013大马十大杰出青年奖,有的英文媒体形容他为“In-terior man”,意即创意室内设计代表。

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IT Consultant


He has 24 years of experience in IT end servers. He has supported more than 200 track partners, developed marketing strategies and market penetration for his partners. Last but not least, he has assisted project implementation and business development solutions at the first level.

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