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technological collaboration

Aidey has established a unique technological collaboration with Esogo China, a leading one-stop home improvement platform in China established in May 2015.

By December 2017, Esogo China has covered 25 provinces and more than 500 partners have joined them. They are invited into Tmall, Jingdong online store and become their core merchants. In March 2018, it was awarded as a “Quasi-Unicorn” enterprise at the Second China Growth Conference, with a valuation of 100 million US dollars.


Conventional distributorships only allow the distributors to distributor existing products or services, without the rights to modify or improve them. In contrary to conventional distributorship, our unique, exclusive technological collaboration with Esogo China gives us the rights to upgrade, modify and localize the Aidey platform to better serve the local demand in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, under the brand name of Aidey. This greatly improves our competitiveness in the Malaysian and ASEAN markets, as our experience and solicited feedback suggest that these local markets expect a more localized, versatile version of one-stop home improvement platform. We will continuously improve the platform to better serve our local markets.


In addition, we are given full rights to leverage on Esogo China’s technologies and source code as a form of knowledgesharing, consistent with the learning organizational practice. This exclusive technological collaboration lasts for five (5) years, from 21 November 2018 until 21 November 2023. If the overall progress is favourable to both parties throughout these 5 years, the exclusive technological collaboration agreement will be continued automatically. With this unique, exclusive technological collaboration, we are confident in expanding our presence in Malaysia as well as other ASEAN countries.

Esogo Global Market Blueprint

esogo global market blueprint.png

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