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S2B2C is an all-new e-commerce business model for new retail and new services. The business model is a breakthrough against established forms of traditional e-commerce businesses.


In this business model, S stands for structure of supply chain, system or platform. which include suppliers, SaaS tools, integrated value chain, centralized procurement and marketing, integrated services and established profit-sharing systems.


B stands for business, whereas C stands for customer. More businesses are harnessing such business model as it empowers individuals and gives room for their strong role.


We provide S (Structure of Supply Chain) to both B (Business) and C (Customer). On the one hand, our platform corresponds to hundreds or thousands of B, carefully selecting excellent interior designers, renovators and material providers for centralized procurement by distributors.


We provide technological and technical support, enabling merchants and enterprises to better serve their customers. In essence, the model shortens the communication distance between manufacturers and end users through information sharing and flow.


By using this business model, our versatile renovation platform is able to build up effective distribution channels. This improves the overall efficiency and profitability for the S and B, while C gets to enjoy branding guarantee at competitive pricings.

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  1. Aidey empowers the traditional home improvement industry through its S2B2C business model. By leveraging online traffic, renovation technology, supply chain support, experience sharing, advertise exposure and education training, Aidey empowers businesses (B), i.e. country partners in Malaysia and other Asian countries.

  2. The Big Data can be monetized by utilizing the home improvement data and insights for interior design, renovation, repair, built-in furniture, customization and home appliance. 

  3. Through Tech Gift, or technology empowerment, the country partners provide merchants sophisticated, seamless, immersive interior design experiences. These merchants, in turn, will enhance the interior design experience to the end customers, who are the home owners.

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