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Home renovation is a complicated process, which involves multiple troublesome uncertainties: style, design, effect, etc. When faced with complex processes, unfamiliar terms and numerous uncertainties, many home owners are discouraged from home decoration.

The emerging Aidey smart self-service store provides consumers with an immersive online home decoration experience, making online home decoration as easy as online shopping. The stores are empowered to enable users to find their own home decoration style in a lively and interesting way. The smart home decoration is applies the use of powerful AI & big data, precise matching and dual function capabilities.


AI & Big Data

AI, big data and other pioneering technologies have been successfully applied in Esogo to give customers the opportunity to experience unprecedented home life.


Precise Matching

The intelligent system which built in the cloud learns and analyzes numerous decoration styles and customer personalities to realize precise matching of different styles and deliver what you want.


Dual Function

The emerging Esogo Intelligence Store offers consumers decoration plans in a lively and interesting way. It is conducive for branding, products promotion, and company image building.

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to power your renovation solutions


Face Recognition

The Face++ recognition algorithm is applied to achieve 99.99%+ accurate ID. Collect user's information accurately and create personalized labels.


Artificial Intelligence

By applying machine learning and in-depth algorithms, the system can repeatedly learn tens of thousands of designs on Esogo Cloud to provide intelligent recommendations for users and boost brand marketing.


Technical Framework

High-concurrency spring boot framework is adopted to achieve data and business separation so as to improve speed and ensure platform stability.


Big Data

By incorporating with Alibaba Cloud and big data platform, cloud storage, cloud management and cloud balance are realized, enhancing the platform's computing speed.

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