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We provide a technology platform that streamlines interior design and renovation projects by connecting homeowners with certified professional interior designers, contractors supported by reliable furniture suppliers....

Under the brand name Aidey, we are principally involved in the provision of a technology platform that streamlines interior design and renovation projects by connecting homeowners with certified professional interior designers, contractors supported by reliable furniture suppliers.

To deliver unparalleled functionality and user experience, Aidey leverages advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Cloud Drawing System, 3D Smart Interactive System, Smart Measuring System, AI Face Scan Interactive System and QR Scan Data Collection. Comprehensive end-to-end support is provided to all Aidey community, from order and after-sales to training and branding.

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We have a vision: To be recognized as the global leader of the home renovation solutions. To realize our vision, we will be implementing modern, reliable technologies into the Design & Build Ecosystem.

Our mission is to implement modern technology into Design & Build Ecosystem to make service smarter.


Customers First - we listen and deliver needs.


By actively listening to their needs and understanding their pain points, we provide them highly relevant solutions.


Embrace Change - we strive to be exceptional.


We will always discover new avenues to add values to our clients and the society.



Integrity - we build trust.


By practicing strong and consistent moral code, we build lasting trust with our customers.



Reliability – we act honestly and responsibly.


By providing highly reliable home improvement platform and support systems, our customers always feel safe.

core values

We live by our

Our values are the compass that keeps us on course. They support out vision, shape out culture and reflect our company principles and beliefs. We strongly believe in Customers First, Embrace ChangeIntegrity Reliability



Aidey’s business model achieves resource integration for the home improvement industry. Our unique, exclusive technological collaborationwith Esogo China gives us the rights to upgrade, modify and localize the Aidey platform to better serve the local demand in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, under the brand name of Aidey.

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Our key success

We want to make Aidey a world-leading, sustainable company by creating spaces, buildings and cities where people can thrive.    
These are the top 4 key success factors that drive our passions and goals.

Meet our team

It’s our people who make the difference. Aidey's leaders turn the dreams into reality.


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